Why people trust our registered Migration Agents

Australian Skilled Migration is Australia’s leading team of Registered Migration Agents and can assist with any of your immigration needs. We understand how confusing, stressful and time-consuming any Australian visa application can be for someone has never done it before. Our unmatched success rate is a result of years of experience and the dedication of our registered migration agents.

We tell you how it is

Because we value honesty and transparency, we are not afraid to call things as they are. If we see a reason why your case wouldn’t be successful, we will tell you.

We get the job done

We understand how nerve-wrecking the visa application process can be. We take the guess work out of it for you and when we say we will get it done, we will get it done.

We are reliable

We do what we are saying we are going to do. It is as easy as that. No ambiguity, no wondering, no guesswork. Just clear communication and transparancy. 

Our migration agents can help with


We can help with visitor visas or working holiday visas and can offer guidance if you are looking to come to Australia to study. If you need a visa to visit Australia for business, this section is also for you.
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There are a number of family visas that may be suitable, such as Parent visas, Partner visas, Child visas, NZ Family visas, 457 Family visas, TSS Family visas.
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We are international recruitment experts and process visas such as the Employer Sponsored 482 TSS Visa, 186 Visa (ENS), 187 Visa (RSMS) & 494 Visa.
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We can assist with a number of skilled visa options such the 189 Visa Independent, 190 Visa State Sponsored, 489 Visa or the 491 Visa.

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