Family Visas

Our registered migration agents can help assess your family visa eligibility in a professional and timely manner. We have assisted hundreds of clients with the preparation and lodgement of successful visa applications.

Helping our partner to join you in Australia

Australian Partner Visas allow married or de facto (same or opposite sex) couples to enter and remain in Australia with their partner. If you are in a genuine committed relationship with a person from overseas there are a number of options for you and your spouse or de facto under the partner and spouse visas program, such as the Onshore Partner Visa, Offshore Partner Visa or the Prospective Marriage Visa.

Partner Visa

Bayani Partner 309 visa


“A big shout out to ASM for its high level of professionalism and helped us through all the application process of our Partner Visa subclass 309 without any hassle and worry free. We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for helping us to be together and start a new life in Australia. This time no long distance relationship for us anymore.”

Bring your children to Australia

If you are a parent or step-parent and an Australian permanent resident or citizen, and your child or step child is outside of Australia, you might be eligible to apply for a Child Visa.

Child Visa


“At last we can be with our Daddy in Australia. We thank you sincerely for all the unwavering support you had given us, for assisting us in completing all of our documents, for Amy’s patience and especially her warm smile every time I came over to your office.”

Want your parents to live with you in Australia?

Regardless if you are a permanent resident, Australian citizen or a visa holder, there is a range of options available to you to help your family join you in Australia. Such as the Contributory Parent Visa (temporary) which allows allows parents of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia temporarily or the Contributory Parent Visa (permanent) which allows parents of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia permanently.

Parent Visas


“No words can express our gratitude for the help that you’ve given us. Thank you so much, especially Amy and Alex, for patiently answering all of our queries about this application. You helped us fulfill our dreams to be together. This is a new beginning for us!”

Are you a 482 or 457 visa holder?

There are family visas avaliable for the immediate family (spouse/partner) of Temporary Work (Subclass 457) Visa holders or Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 Visa holders.

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“Thank you, Amy and the ASM crew. We got our 482-visa granted within less than a month from the date of lodging the application and this was only possible due to the timely service by the ASM Team. I would highly recommend ASM team to anyone looking to obtain their Australian visa.”

Are you a New Zealand citizen and you want a non-New Zealand family member to join you in Australia?

The New Zealand Citizen Family visa (Subclass 461) allows non-New Zealand family members of a New Zealand Citizen who currently is on a Special Category Visa (Subclass 444) to live and work in Australia for up to five years.

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“We would like to thank ASM, especially Amy and Julie, for all the hard work and effort in helping us obtain our 482 family visa. My family visa was lodged before the price was increased and granted within a week. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for an immigration agent to process their visa.”

Who is the visa for?

Partner or

I am the partner of an Australian resident or citizen and we want to live together in Australia

Child or

I am the child of a permanent resident or citizen and want to come to Australia.

Parent or

I am the parent of an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or visa holder.

457 Visa Holder Family

I am a family member of someone who holds a 457 visa.

482 Visa Holder Family

One of my family members holds a 482 visa.

NZ Citizen

I am not a New Zealand citizen but a family member living in Australia is.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Not sure what visa you could be eligible for?

Australian visas can be confusing, especially if you might have more than one option. Use our Visa Finder to view your visa options. 

Want to speak to someone about your case?

Our experienced team of registered migration agents can help keep you and your family together in Australia. We can assess the visa eligibility for your partners, children, brothers, sisters, parents and other dependent relatives.

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