General Skilled Migration

Australian Skilled Migration has a process of visa options for skilled workers.

The General Skilled Migration Program is aimed at skilled workers in particular occupations willing to migrate to Australia to improve Australia’s workforce.

We specialise in three types of General Skilled Migration Visas:

To be eligible to apply for the above visas, applicants must first lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) and be invited to apply for skilled migration.

Your occupation must be listed on the Skilled Occupation List

Select the option that applies to you:

Skilled individuals have three options when applying for Permanent Residency through General Skilled Migration

Option 1

You do not wish to be sponsored by a State/Territory or Family member in Australia

Option 2

You wish to be sponsored by and Australian State or Territory

Option 3

You have a family member in Australia who is willing to sponsor you

Take our free online points test to find out if you may be eligible to apply for General Skilled Migration