Nurses Bridging Program

Are you a Registered Nurse and looking to migrate to Australia? We can help!

There is a simplified pathway for overseas registered nurses to migrate to Australia.

Bridging program 

This is the first and most important step. The program is also referred to as IRON (Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) program. IRON is usually a 12 weeks course, out of which 4 weeks are classroom-based and 8 weeks are in the workplace.

The basic requirements to be eligible to enrol in the IRON program are as below.

  • A referral letter from AHPRA
  • IELTS 7 in each or equivalent
  • Some of the education providers may also require work experience as a Registered Nurse

Please note- The Bridging program is currently being reviewed and the duration is expected to be increased to 6 months.


Who does and does not need the Bridging Course?

The overseas qualification needs to be assessed by AHPRA. If it’s recognised, AHPRA will advise  and provide a referral letter for doing a bridging course. If the applicant doesn’t meet any of these criteria, an Australian qualification may be needed.


Apply for registration

Once you have completed the Bridging program, you can then apply for registration as an RN in Australia. The AHPRA registration fee is $155. However, they may be other costs involved in the whole process like fee for IELTS/PTE etc. Most of the applications are assessed between 4-6 weeks.


Apply for Permanent Residency

Once you have obtained the registration as a nurse in Australia, you may be eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency. This is usually a three step process:

  • Obtain a positive skills assessment
  • A state sponsorship or an invitation to apply for Permanent Residency
  • Applying for the visa

You need to be registered in Australia to work in Australia as a nurse.

Which visas can you apply for to do a Bridging Course?

You have a choice to apply for multiple visas

Contact us to discuss your pathway to permanent residency today or take our online skilled visa points test to find out if you score enough points to apply

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