30% of Independent visa applications fail – Don’t Risk Your Future

That’s right, almost 30% of all Australian visa applications lodged without the professional advice from Registered Migration Agent’s fail to meet the criteria required of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This failure to meet criteria can result in a visa application being invalid or refused.

Don’t risk it!

Most information available to the general public regarding visa eligibility is very basic and does not always explain the supporting evidence required to successfully submit a visa application. Seeking professional advice from a Registered Migration Agent such as Australian Skilled Migration may save you thousands of dollars, time and also ensure you can live and work legally in Australia.

Australian Skilled Migration will be able to explain the complexity of Australian law in an understandable way. They can also advise on visa eligibility and explain all possible visa options.

Always remember that information available to the public (for example the Department of Immigration website) may only provide basic, general information which does not apply to all people in all situations. We are always available for a consultation and are happy to help you on your journey.

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