Child Visa

Permanent Child Visa (subclass 101)

The Subclass 101 Child visa Visa allows children from outside Australia to live with their parents permanently in Australia

Child Visa holders can

  • migrate to Australia as a permanent resident
  • study
  • access Medicare
  • apply for Australian citizenship (if eligible)

Applying for a Child Visa

To be eligible to apply for a Child Subclass 101 visa, a child must meet the below requirements:

  • have a parent or step-parent who is an Australian permanent resident or citizen
  • be under 18, a full-time student between 18 to 25 years, or over 18 and unable to work due to a disability
  • is financially dependent on the parent

Other child visas

If you hold a temporary Australian visa and would like to bring your child to Australia, you may apply for one of the below family visas:

If you would like to apply for a child visa


This visa allows you to

  • live in Australia permanently
  • work and study in Australia
  • have access to Medicare
  • sponsor relatives to come to Australia
  • apply for Australian citizenship  (if eligible)

Applicants must be outside Australia at the time of application and the time of decision

Including siblings

Each child will submit a separate application. If the child has siblings, each sibling will be the primary applicant of their own application


Applicants must meet the Australian health and character requirements

If you would like to apply for a child visa

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Child Visa

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If you are a temporary Australian resident, you may apply for one of the below visas for your child instead;

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