457 Family Visa

For family members of the Subclass 457 visa

A 457 Family Visa is for the immediate family of a Temporary Work (Subclass 457) Visa holder. A Temporary Work (Subclass 457) visa holder can add their spouse or de facto partner and children to their visa as secondary applicants.

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Adding a secondary applicant to a 457 Visa entitles a spouse or defect partner and immediate family of a 457 Visa holder to enter and remain in Australia while the main applicant’s visa is valid.

Secondary applicants can live, work and study while residing in Australia.

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Adding family members

  • 457 Family members can be included on original 457 visa application
  • Family members can be added to your 457 visa after approval
  • Employers must support visa applications or additional family members

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Applicants can include or add the following family members to their 457 Visa:

  • Married or de facto partner
  • Dependent children/step-children


Your married or de facto partner can be the same or opposite sex. Applicants must prove:

  • the relationship is genuine and continuing
  • your partner is at least 18 years of age when the application is lodged (there are some exceptions)
  • you are not related by family (if you are in a de facto relationship)
  • you and your partner have a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others, and
  • you live together, or do not live separately on a permanent basis.


To be eligible to be included or added to a TSS visa, a child must:

  • be your child or a stepchild from a current or a previous relationship (in certain circumstances);
  • not be married, engaged to be married, or have a de facto partner; and must be:
    1. under 18 years of age
    2. over 18 years of age but not yet turned 23, and be dependent on you or your partner
    3. over 23 years of age and be unable to earn a living to support themselves due to physical or cognitive limitations and be dependent on you or your partner (Note: The child will still need to meet Australia’s health requirement)
    4. a dependent child of a child who is eligible under 1, 2 or 3 above.


Family members are not required to show evidence of their English level


Children 23 years and over cannot be included in your application. (Unless there are exceptional circumstances)


All family members must meet the health and character requirements. All applicants over 16 must provide police clearances.

You may need Private Health Cover

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Thank you so much ASM and your staff for all the hard work in helping us in processing our visa applications. We know that it could not have happened without your help. What was probably the most stressful situation to deal with was made so much easier with all your time, patience and positive attitude. I will definitely recommend you for those who want to pursue their Australian dream.

Romasanta Family Family Visa

Thanks ASM for the rapid approval of our family visa. We are grateful to have you as our migration agent.

Del Carmen Family Family Visa

Thank you ASM for your help and assistance in processing our visa applications. You made things easier and possible for us. From the beginning of my husband’s application up to our family visa you guys have been really awesome in assisting us. Highly recommended for those who want to pursue their Australian dream!

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Jay-R’s 482 Family visa was approved in just two days!

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457 Family Visa

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457 family visa

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