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Apply for a Tax File Number

As a temporary visa holder, permanent migrant or temporary visitor, you can apply for your Australian Tax File Number (TFN) after arriving in Australia.

Applying for a tax file number

You can apply for a tax file number online if you meet these three conditions:

• You are a foreign passport holder, permanent migrant or temporary visitor.
• You are already in Australia.
• Your visa is one of the following:

-> a permanent migrant visa
-> a visa with work rights
-> an overseas student visa
-> a visa allowing you to stay in Australian indefinitely (including New Zealanders automatically granted a visa on arrival).

To apply online you must have a valid passport or relevant travel documents. You should receive your TFN within 28 days by post at the address that you provide while completing your TFN application.

Applying for a TFN should take about 20 minutes. You will be asked to enter personal details, including your passport or travel document number, a postal address in Australia where your TFN can be sent, your legal name and other names you use or have used and contact details for yourself or your preferred contact person.

You can easily apply for a Tax File Number here.

If you already have your TFN but wish to advise the ATO of changes to your details, you can update some details online on the ATO website.

Australian Skilled Migration orders Tax File Numbers on behalf of our clients on the day they arrive in Australia, we can also update your details if they change.

Why do I need a Tax File Number?
If you are opening an Australian bank account or will be earning money in this country you should get a Tax File Number (TFN) as soon as possible.

Although it is not a compulsory requirement, without one your employer must take 46.5% of your wages in tax and you will be charged the same rate on any interest accrued in your bank accounts. Once you arrive in Australia, with a valid visa, you can apply online for a TFN.

Starting a new job
When you start a new job in Australia, your employer will ask you to complete a Tax File Number declaration form, which they will then return to the ATO.

Your employer uses this form to determine how much tax to withhold from your salary. If you aren’t sure which boxes to tick, contact us to find out.

You can check how much your employer will take from your salary on the ATO website – click here

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