Get the right advice

In Australia there are VERY strict rules about helping someone with their visa application or giving migration advice. It is unlawful (illegal) for someone other than a Registered Migration Agent to give migration advice or assistance.

NON Registered Migration Agent’s DO NOT know the law and could cost you thousands of dollars for an INVALID Visa Application.

If a person who is NOT a registered migration agent gives immigration assistance unlawfully, they can be fined up to $6 600 AUD. If the person asks for or receives any fee for giving immigration assistance, the maximum penalty is imprisonment for 10 years.

Do it right the first time, don’t risk your future in Australia!

‘Immigration assistance’ is defined in the Migration Act 1958 (the Act) and is when a person:

  • helps prepare a visa application
  • advises a visa applicant about their application
  • helps prepare documents in connection with the sponsorship of a visa applicant, or advising the sponsor
  • advises an applicant on their eligibility for a visa
  • advises an applicant what documents are required for a visa application

Some recent cases from the media for giving unlawful migration advice:

  • A 33‑month jail sentence for an Australian man who produced false documents used in permanent residency applications.
  • A Western Australian woman has been ordered to pay the Commonwealth AUD50 000 for allegedly practising as an unregistered migration agent.
  • The Sydney District Court handed down a two-year custodial sentence to an unregistered migration agent who was paid money to lodge visa applications.


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