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With over 15 years of combined experience, our recruitment team members know what they are doing.

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We understand that high-quality employees are the best resource any business can have and that your company needs to be sure that it is hiring the most talented and suitable individual for the position. Our Registered Migration Agents collect and lodge all sponsorship, visa, nomination and country of departure documents. We have successfully managed the overseas 482 Visa recruitment for a large number of Australian businesses, across dozens of industries.
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Are You Looking for a 482 Visa Recruitment Consultant?

Moving to Australia to work on a 482 Visa does not have to be as difficult and complicated as you may have previously presumed. In fact, when you choose to hire a TSS Visa recruitment consultant, you can be confident that you will be able to submit a strong application with the best possible chance of being accepted, without needing to endure any unnecessary hassle, stress or expense.

The 482 Temporary Skills Shortage Visa is an especially good option for overseas workers who are not currently looking for permanent residency or who are, for whatever reason, not currently able or eligible to apply for a permanent visa. As long as you can nominate an occupation that is on the Australian Skills Shortage List (which identifies all those occupations currently in demand in the Australian labour market) and you have an Australian employer who is able to sponsor your application, it should be possible to move to Australia on a temporary basis with this visa.

Depending on your visa stream, you may be able to stay in Australia for either 2 or 4 years. After this point, you will need to either renew the visa or switch to one of a number of limited permanent residency options that may be applicable to your situation.

The Recruitment Specialists for 482 Visa Applicants

Here at Australian Skilled Migration, we are specialists in helping overseas workers find the visas and employers they need to make their move to Australia. Founded in 2010, Australian Skilled Migration was born out of the desire of our director to offer a superior standard of support and advice to prospective skilled migrants. He knew from years of experience in the recruitment industry that overseas workers such as these are of vital importance to many Australian businesses, and he set out to ensure that they are always able to access the information and assistance that they require in order to complete the whole visa application process with minimal stress or hassle.

Our migration experts are all highly trained and have over 50 years of experience in the industry. As a result, we can help with everything from choosing the right visa stream for you to finding potential employers who are looking to take on staff with your skills and experience. With an employer ready to sponsor you, the whole process of applying for and obtaining a 482 Visa can spring into life.

Get in Touch Today to Start the Recruitment Process for a 482 Visa

If you are looking for a recruitment specialist for the TSS visa or any other international recruitment services, you can be sure that you have come to the right place. Use our website and the tools you find on it to find out more information about how the process works, and feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team either by phone or using the forms available on our site if you would like to discuss your individual circumstances with someone who can offer you personalised advice and guidance. Read Less

Highly Qualified

With over 15 years of recruitment experience, our thorough screening process ensures that all applicants are shortlisted to YOUR specifications. We guarantee high-quality staff because we have access to an international labour pool. We select the only most skilled people in their field.

Extensive Selection

When businesses advertise, all they are hoping to find great employees but most often just settle for what’s available in their small local labour pool. We offer a customised recruitment service to find you exactly the skills and attitude you need. Don’t just settle.

Professional Support

Our experienced team of Registered Migration Agents and recruitment experts will provide ongoing support throughout your sponsoring journey. They will give you personalised advice and information based on the most current legislation and policy requirements.

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Our international recruitment team can help with

Interviewing & Selection

Our specialist international recruitment team will interview dozens of applicants before making a short list for employers to choose from.

Trade Testing

Employers have the option to trade test shortlisted applicants to the specifications of your business or workshop.

Sponsorship of employees

Our registered migration agents will process all sponsorship, nomination and visa applications in a timely and professional matter.

Continuous Support

Once your candidates arrive onshore, our expert team can organise everything from Tax File Numbers to Trade Licensing.

How does the recruitment process for the 482 Visa works?

Selection Process

We help determine your needs and customise your recruitment plan. We will then source, screen and shortlist applicants. You have the option to interview, trade test applicants to your exact requirements, ensuring only the most skilled are selected.

Visa Application

Once you have selected your preferred applicant(s), we collect and check candidates requirements and business documents. We arrange all visa, sponsorship, nomination, skills assessment and country of origin departure documents.

Preparing for arrival

Upon approval of your applicant’s visas, our office organises international and domestic flights. Prior to your candidate’s arrival in Australia, our team has already arranged private health insurance, tax file numbers and can also facilitate trade licensing.

Support after arrival

Australian Skilled Migration offers continued support to both you and your new employee. Our team can assist your new employees to bring their family to Australia, apply for permanent residency and take care of Citizenship applications.

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Would you like to become a Standard Business Sponsor?

In order to sponsor 482 Visa holders, you must meet some requirements to become an Approved Business Sponsor.

Are you an applicant looking for a sponsor?

We can help if you would like to migrate to Australia and you are looking for the right visa or an employer.

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