Partner Visa Application Charge Increase

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will be introducing a 50% increase to Partner Visa Application Charges as of January 1st 2015, according to a recent media release.

The Department has not specified why it has targeted Partner Visas and notes that it is required “to fund whole-of-government policy priorities.” These increases in visa application charges, are expected to raise revenues by $373.6 Million dollars over the next four years.


New Partner Visa Charges (proposed) (Source: SBS)
Provisional and Permanent Partner Visas – $4627.50 (Currently $3085)

Prospective Marriage Visa – $4627.50 (Currently $3085)

– Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas – $6865.50 (Currently $4574)

There are suggestions that the increase in Partner Visa Application Charges, will force couples to attempt to lodge these complicated applications without professional assistance. According to Robyn Oyeniyi, this will lead to a greater number of partner visa refusals.
Seeking professional legal advice from a Registered Migration Agent is always recommended, especially for complex matters such as Partner Visa Applications.

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