Why Use A Registered Migration Agent

Australian Immigration law is very complex and is also constantly changing. To have a chance of being successful in your visa application, you need up to date and accurate advice which can only come from a Registered Migration Agent such as Australian Skilled Migration.

They can advise on the visa may best suit you (if any) out of 140+ visa options that are available within Australia. Australian Skilled Migration know the law, the complexities and the criteria applicable to presenting a valid visa application to the Department of Immigration.

Please note, is not compulsory to use a Registered Migration Agent for your Visa however, up to 30% of all independent visa applications fail and it is in your best interest to speak with one of the migration specialists at Australian Skilled Migration before taking any further steps or risking significant financial losses.

Registered Migration Agents can provide you with an honest feedback regarding your eligibility and chances of success. Australian Skilled Migration can identify problems or weaknesses in your application from the start and assist you in saving time, money and rejection. We will advise honestly and identify the likelihood of success and what you can do to improve your chances.

We know the information that is important to the success of every application, which information is not required and also assist with any legal complexities that might apply to your unique case.

Registered Migration Agents can ensure your application is completed appropriately, lodged correctly and most importantly, VALID! The Department of Immigration is legally unable to consider INVALID applications and by lodging an invalid application you will lose a lot of time and money.

Click here to book an appointment to speak to one of our registered migration agents.


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