Working Holiday Visa Age Limit Increase

In 2016, The Australian Government announced that it would be increasing the Working Holiday Visa age limit from 30 to 35.

It’s official, finally some good news for Canadian and Irish Travellers. Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs has signed an agreement with both the Minister of Canadian Immigration and Irish Minister for foreign affairs. The Australian Department of Human Affairs has announced an increase in the age limit for the Australian Working Holiday Visa.

From November 1, 2018, Canadian and Irish citizens up to and including 35 years of age will be eligible to apply for a Work and Holiday (subclass 417) visa. This is an increase from the current maximum age of 30 years, which remains the maximum for all other eligible countries.

Although the maximum age remains 30 for all other eligible countries, this change is encouraging and could be the first step towards an increase of the age limit to 35 for all countries participating in the program.

The relevant legislative instrument has been amended.  We expect other countries part of the program to negotiate the current age limit, so their citizens may also come to Australia under this new arrangement.

Canada and Ireland are the first countries to officially sign the increase of the age limit of Working Holiday Visa with Australia.

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